25 Kasım 2014 Salı

Linux Kernel Internship

Last month I've applied Gnome Outreach Program for Women and sent patches for Linux Kernel. I've applied it because wanted to learn low level things. I also really like computer design and architecture topics. Actually, I have not enough knowledge about them but like to learn them.

Linux Kernel Community accepted to me as an intern. I'll study on Khugepaged swap readahead project. Working with Linux Kernel team will be great experience for me. They really want to help kernel newbies :).

Actually, studying on Linux Kernel needs a lot reading. Just for writing a few code lines needs to read one chapter from one book, a few blog posts about topic and ask something to developers :).

Nowadays, I've started to read about memory management issues like TLB, Huge Pages, Page Fault from one operating system book and also examine do_page_fault() function.

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